Board Of Directors

The following individuals have been elected by the membership, or duly appointed, to serve Chapter 29.

Frank Fucile, C.Tech, SR/WA - President & International Director

Gloria Whittaker, SR/WA - President Elect & International Director

Paul Connor, SR/WAVice President

Catherina KhadooSecretary

Craig Mustard, SR/WATreasurer

Appointed Committee Chairpersons

Agalja Thayaparan - Communication Chair

Lucie Jabour, C.Tech, RWA - Education Chair

Guillaume LavictoireImmediate Past President / Finance Chair

Janeth HuabMembership Committee Chair

Jack Carello, SR/WANominations & Elections Chair

Lisa Masters. SR/WAProfessional Development Chair

Katie Dosman, RWA - Young Professionals Chair

Sean TaylorGolf Tournament Chair