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  • SR/WA-C Study Session & Exam (Canadian)

    April 23-25, 2019. Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON. Course Description: This three-day seminar is designed to prepare Candidates to take the SR/WA Comprehensive Examination by reviewing the six (6) core disciplines of the right of way profession. It is intended to allow participants to brush up on areas in which they may have limited experience or knowledge. The Comprehensive Exam (Canadian version) will be administered at the conclusion of the rev...
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  • Course 303: Managing the Consultant Process

    April 24-25, 2019. Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON. Course Description: This course is designed to provide participants with a step-by-step understanding of the process of selecting and monitoring consultants. Participants will become aware of the issues and concerns of both agencies and consultants through the discussion of practical applications. Current trends are for Departments of Transportation, local public agencies and other governmental ...
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  • Course 102: Elevating Your Ethical Awareness

    April 25, 2019. Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON. Course Description: This course is intended to help resolve ethics and compliance issues by providing the information, tools and resources necessary to make good decisions. Participants will leave this course with an overview of IRWA’s Code of Conduct, Rules and Standards. These are what guide us and provide an understanding of how to apply this knowledge in serving our clients and members in the...
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  • Spring Education Seminar

    April 26, 2019. Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON. *Updated March 2019!* Registration is now open, with full agenda available!   For your convenience, hardcopy forms may also be downloaded and completed, and sent to irwalorraine@gmail.com for registration.  Please submit by March 22, 2019. Please note that the preferred hotel rate at the Queen's Landing is available until April 22, 2019.  Sponsorship opport...
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  • Course 213: Conflict Management

    May 17, 2019. Mississauga, ON. Course Description: This course presents specific methods for reaching collaborative solutions and minimizing negative aspects of conflict while maximizing benefits of resolving conflict. During this course, participants will learn how effective conflict management can open doors to healthier workplace relationships and more productive working relationships with both property owners as well as the general p...
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  • Course 200: Principles of Real Estate Negotiation

    October 10-11, 2019. Mississauga, ON. Course Description: This two-day course focuses on a unique blend of the communication skills associated with successful, real-world right of way negotiations. With an emphasis on the practical as opposed to the theoretical, participants will explore their own negotiation skills, habits and styles with the goal of improving settlement rates of right of way acquisitions. Please register as per the v...
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  • Course 421C: The Valuation of Partial Acquisitions (Canadian)

    October 22-25, 2019. Mississauga, ON. Course Description: Participants will learn how to determine and appraise the larger parcel, techniques for appraising the part acquired, identifying and measuring various types of damages and how to value the remainder after acquisitions. The course introduces ways to handle special benefits and explores the before and after approach (how, why and when), and includes numerous exercises and case studi...
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  • Course 703: Real Property/Asset Management

    November 21, 2019. Newmarket, ON. Course Description: This intensive course is designed to teach participants the necessary skills and knowledge to introduce and implement an asset management program within an organization. Asset management is the comprehensively planned management of a diverse portfolio of real estate for the optimum use of available assets. Participants will explore the comprehensively planned management of a diverse po...
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