Region 8

Region 8 is comprised of Chapters 29 (North, south, western Ontario ), 63 (Ottawa/St Lawrence/eastern Ontario), and 65 (Atlantic Canada).  As such, Region 8 represents Eastern Canada at the International level, and is represented by the following individuals:

  • Chair -Rod Glaves SR/WA Chapter 29
  • Vice-Chair- James Hardy, SR/WA Chapter 65
  • Secretary /Treasurer-Jay Wong, SR/WA Chapter 29

The following volunteers sit on a Regional and/or International level Committees:

  • International Executive Committee - Sharon Slauenwhite SR/WA International President Elect Chapter 65
  • International Valuation Committee – Jay Wong 
  • International Transportation Committee –  Region 8 Representative - Nancy Sinclair Chapter 63, Member at large - Rod Glaves 
  • International Oil & Gas Committee - Merv Weishar
  • International Advisory Council (Past International Presidents) - Sandy Grigg, Gord McNair
  • International Relations Committee Vice Chair - Gord McNair, Chapter 63
  • Region 8 Young Professional – Katherine Badin 
  • Region 8 INEC - representative Lorraine Longmuir, Chapter 29

Current news:

The next Region 8 forum will be held on Saturday April 25, 2020 , 800 am – 330 pm at the Sheraton at the Falls, Niagara Falls following the Chapter 29 Spring Education Seminar.  All members are welcome to attend. International Executive Committee Treasurer James Olshewski, SR/WA will represent the IEC at this meeting. 

The meeting will review past and present business of the IGC , review the upcoming election candidates for the IEC, budget review for voting at the AGM in Minnesota among other topics.  A video conference call will be held with Region 10 for consultation on Canadian special interest topics such as course content, new course development and other points of interest.   All meeting minutes of the International Governing Council are posted on the IRWA HQ website for members review.

Sept 2019 - Attached are the minutes from the August 28 Governance Task Force meeting. - Rod Glaves

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