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Region 8

Region 8 is comprised of Chapters 29 (Greater Toronto Area), 63 (Ottawa), and 65 (Atlantic Canada).  As such, Region 8 represents Eastern Canada at the International level, and is represented by the following individuals: 

  • Rod Glaves SR/WA 
  • James Hardy, SR/WA
Secretary /Treasurer
  • Jay Wong, SR/WA

The following volunteers sit on a Regional and/or International level Committees: 

  • International Valuation Committee – Jay Wong 
  • International Transportation Committee – Rod Glaves (ITC Vice-Chair)
  • International Oil & Gas Committee - Merv Weishar
  • International Advisory Council (Past International Presidents) - Sandy Grigg, Gord McNair
  • Region 8 Young Professional – Kathryn Badin 

Current news:

Region 8 is currently canvassing for prospective IRWA instructors in the Environmental, Law and Engineering disciplines for vetting by Region 8 and IRWA PIPE committee.  Please contact Rod for further details.

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