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Region 8

Region 8 is comprised of Chapters 29 (Greater Toronto Area), 63 (Ottawa), and 65 (Atlantic Canada).  As such, Region 8 represents Eastern Canada at the International level, and is represented by the following individuals: 

  • Rod Glaves SR/WA 
  • James Hardy, SR/WA
Secretary /Treasurer
  • Jay Wong, SR/WA

The following volunteers sit on a Regional and/or International level Committees: 

  • International Valuation Committee – Jay Wong 
  • International Transportation Committee – Rod Glaves (ITC Vice-Chair)
  • International Oil & Gas Committee - Merv Weishar
  • International Advisory Council (Past International Presidents) - Sandy Grigg, Gord McNair
  • Region 8 Young Professional – Kathryn Badin 

Current news:

From Region 8- The Spring Forum will be held on Friday April 26 at 5pm until 10Pm then reconvene on Saturday April 27 at 8am to 12 noon. The meeting is open to all members in good standing from Chapter 29, 63 and 65, your attendance is invited and encouraged. Please RSVP by April 15 to Region 8 Chair rod.glaves@niagararegion.ca to confirm attendance. Thank you.

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