Region 8

Region 8 is comprised of Chapters 29 (North, south, western Ontario), 63 (Ottawa/St Lawrence/eastern Ontario), and 65 (Atlantic Canada).  As such, Region 8 represents Eastern Canada at the International Right of Way Association and at the International Governing Council (IGC) as well as the Canadian Right of Way Education Foundation (CRWEF) and is represented by the following individuals:

  • Chair: Jay Wong SR/WA Chapter 29
  • Vice-Chair: Kimberley Millar, SR/WA Chapter 63
  • Secretary /Treasurer: Dawn MacDougall, SR/WA Chapter 65

The following volunteers represents Region 8 on the following International Committees:

  • International Governing Council: Jay Wong, Chapter 29
  • International Valuation Committee: Jay Wong, Chapter 29
  • International Transportation Committee: Nancy Sinclair Chapter 63
  • International Environmental Committee: Kimberley Millar, Chapter 63
  • International Oil & Gas Committee: Merv Weishar, Chapter 29r
  • International Strategic Plan Committee: James Hardy, Chapter 65
  • International Advisory Council (Past International Presidents): Sandy Grigg, Gordon McNair, Sharon Slauenwhite
  • International Relations Committee Chair: Gordon MacNair, Chapter 63
  • International Professional Education Committee: Janet Walker, Chapter 29
  • Region 8 Young Professional: Katherine Badin, Chapter 29
  • Region 8 INEC: Representative Cynthia Dubeau, Chapter 63

Current news:

Region 8 is pleased to announce the Region 8 Professional of the year for 2022 has been awarded to Jack Carello SR/WA Chapter 29   In addition, the executive of Region 8 would also like to recognize and congratulate Gordon MacNair SR/WA, Chapter 63, and Tony Capordelis SR/WA Chapter 63 as recipients of Region 8’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Region. Forum

the education session. The Region 8 Spring Forum is anticipated to be held with Chapter 29 during their Spring Education Conference in the Spring of 2023. Stay tuned for the date and location.