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*New! * On-line registration via this Chapter 29 Website! 

On-line registration through this Chapter website offers the following benefits: 

  • instant e-receipt after credit card payment is processed!  
  • payments processed in Canadian funds, eh!
  • ability to register on-line for Chapter events such as luncheons and networking social nights (not just courses), to increase efficiency for registrants! Please note that any course registrations through the previous method through IRWA Headquarters (meaning, the irwaonline.org website) as opposed to this Chapter 29 website will continue to result in the payment being processed in US funds. 

*Did you know that some Chapter events and non-IRWA events may be eligible for IRWA re-certification credits?*    

Please contact a member of our Education Committee to see if a particular event is applicable (please provide the event agenda, details, etc. for review).  Starting in December 2018, check out your Member Access site to view these credit certificates.

Program Projection

The Education Committee considered three components establishing Chapter 29’s 2018-2020 Education Program:  1) past/current courses 2) the 2016 survey results 3) the certificate/industry pathway requirements.

The Education Committee also wanted to include new and revised course content into the program. Detailed process information used in projecting Chapter 29’s education program for 2018-2020 is provided in the Education Committee’s Work Instructions.

Historical Data: 2016 Course Schedule
  • Course 417: The Valuation of Environmentally Contaminated Real Estate
  • Course 900C: Principles of Real Estate Engineering
  • Course 200: Principles of Real Estate Negotiation

Registration & Payment

The Course Schedule is subject to change.  For more information, please contact the Course Coordinator or the Education Committee.

Registration: Please complete one registration form with payment information for each person registering to attend. 

The Chapter 29 Course Coordinator will:

  • accept Registration and Payment using M/C, Visa or cheque
  • charge all M/C and Visa cards in Canadian funds after the course
  • issue receipts, if requested, at the time of registration for M/C, Visa and cheque registrations
  • reserve course seats for IRWA Members before payment is made

Cancellation: The Cancellation Policy is outlined in the course brochure.

Please note: If registering through IRWA HQs course fees will be charged prior to the course in U.S. funds (except M/C & Visa)

Course Calendar 2018

  • Course 203: Alternative Dispute Resolution / Toronto / Mar. 8-9
  • Course 400: Principles of Real Estate Appraisal / Newmarket / Apr. 26-27
  • Course 403: Easement Valuation / Niagara Falls / May 1
  • Course 402: Introduction to the Income Capitalization Approach / Niagara Falls / May 2
  • Course 431: Problems in the Valuation of Partial Acquisitions / Niagara Falls / May 3
  • Course100: Principles of Land Acquisition / Niagara Falls / May 2-3
  • Course 604: Environmental Due Diligence and Liability / Niagara Falls / May 3
  • Course 701: Property Asset Management: Leasing / Brampton / June 7-8
  • Course 800C: Principles of Real Estate Law / DT Toronto / Sept 27-28
  • Course 218: Right of Way Acquisitions for the Electrical Transmission Projects / Brampton / Oct 18-19
  •  Course 900C: Principles of Real Estate Engineering / Newmarket / Nov 22-23

Events Calendar