Course Schedule

Please look at the Upcoming Events page for course registration details and forms. 

Education Chair: Janeth Huab

Below is a list of IRWA Chapter 29's 2020 courses:

Program Projection

The Education Committee considered three components establishing Chapter 29’s 2018-2020 Education Program:  1) past/current courses 2) the 2016 survey results 3) the certificate/industry pathway requirements. The Education Committee also wanted to include new and revised course content into the program. Detailed process information used in projecting Chapter 29’s education program for 2018-2020 is provided in the Education Committee’s Work Instructions.

Registration & Payment

The Course Schedule is subject to change.  For more information, please contact the Course Coordinator or the Education Committee.

Registration: Please complete one registration form with payment information for each person registering to attend. 

The Chapter 29 Course Coordinator will:

  • Accept Registration and Payment using M/C, Visa or cheque
  • Charge all M/C and Visa cards in Canadian funds after the course
  • Issue receipts, if requested, at the time of registration for M/C, Visa and cheque registrations
  • Reserve course seats for IRWA Members before payment is made

Cancellation: The Cancellation Policy is outlined in the course brochure.

Please note: If registering on-line through IRWA HQs website course fees will be charged prior to the course in U.S. funds (except M/C & Visa).  

For your convenience, please use the on-line calculator below to estimate the conversion cost.