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Here are a few website links to help you explore further.  

IRWA Headquarters Magazine Publications Archive (website link)

Since 1954, the Right of Way magazine has served as the official publication for the right of way professional. Today, with nearly 10,000 subscribers, the magazine continues the tradition and mission established by the Association – to serve as a forum for the exchange and advancement of ideas that reflect the growth and development of the of the industry.

Canadian Right of Way Education Foundation (website link)

We are a Canadian Not for Profit organization dedicated to improving the right of way / infrastructure real estate profession through education and professional development.

Our mission to contribute to the advancement of the profession through the enhancement of education and training opportunities that will elevate and increase the profile this body of work to a professional standard that is recognized domestically and internationally.

Our goal is to support quality education and professional development opportunities domestically and internationally that will contribute to increasing the quality of life for all.

We value the diversity of professions involved in Right of Way and Infrastructure Real Estate. Appraisers, negotiators, engineers, solicitors, surveyors, property managers, environmentalist, planners, project managers etc. 

Right of Way International Education Foundation (website link)

The foundation was established for the primary purpose of funding right of way education initiatives. Since continuing education and professional development are essential to the growth and advancement of our profession, the foundation focuses on generating financial contributions and determining how to best allocate those funds on behalf of the right of way profession.

Ontario Expropriation Association (website link)

The Ontario Expropriation Association (the "OEA") is made up of individuals from professions involved in the acquisition of land for public purposes. Expropriation occurs when public bodies such as the federal and provincial governments, municipalities or school boards, acquire land for public purposes under compulsion of law. In the majority of cases, expropriation involves a complicated process that must be carried out in strict accordance with legislation (in Ontario the Expropriations Act). The expropriation process can involve engineering, planning, appraisal, business loss and other expertise in addition to negotiation and binding arbitration to ensure that both land owners and public authorities are treated fairly. The OEA exists to provide a forum for professionals involved in expropriation to educate one another on relevant issues, network both professionally and socially and work towards the improvement of the expropriation process in Ontario. Membership in the OEA is open to individuals, governments and corporations who have involvement in expropriation and related land acquisition activities. The OEA provides events in the spring and fall of each year for all of its members, as well as other periodic events. In addition, it distributes a newsletters relating to developing issues, assembles publications on expropriation and promotes the study of expropriation.

IRWA Chapter 63 (Ottawa-St Lawrence) (website link)

The basic objectives for all Association chapters are: "… to unite the efforts of all right of way practitioners toward a betterment of the conditions of the individual; to promote high standards and cooperative spirit among its members; to assist in creating a harmonious and friendly feeling between members and their respective employers; to engender in its members attributes which elevate the profession in which they are engaged and to provide mutual protection and advancement for the members...".

IRWA Chapter 65 (Atlantic Canada) (website link)

Learn about our Region 8 partners in Atlantic Canada.